Sunday, October 3, 2010

first soccer games of the season

so the way it works in our soccer league is the first 3 saturdays they have "trainers" (like REAL soccer players) that come and teach the kids some skills and then they scrimmage.

so, this past saturday were their first REAL games...

joshua was first.
cheering for their first goal (he is in the yellow with gray sleeves underneath)

talking about the goal as they walk back down the field...
he actually seems to "get" the positions and all this year...makes it more fun! for everyone!
and he's so sweet...clapping for everyone...
rebekah was next.
she LOVES goalie! (i hated goalie)
but she loves it and is pretty good at it!
definitely a different league...her game vs joshua's...WAY bigger field...just more serious.
my stomach was in knots...
then onto bailey's.
just about the cutest thing ever.
and about as different as you can get from the "intensity" of rebekah's game!
at bailey's age, the coaches are ON the field telling them where to go.
bailey is never anywhere near the ball.
she was more interested in making friends with the other team :-)
she WAS into cheering for everyone!
"YAY! good job!!!!"
she was having a BLAST!
and that's what matters!
re-grouping...i can't tell what the coach thinks of her yet...
pat will be glad to see that she actually DID touch the ball...AND has a teeny bit of his intensity :-)
but never for too long...moments later she's tickling someone! :-)
this is what sawyer looked like towards the end of our long morning of soccer games...snot, cookies, dirt and a smile on his face!

the brothers playing with the princess soccer ball
the "parent tunnel" at the end of bailey's game!
"go, team!"
whew! what a morning!


Katy said...

how different they all 3 are, right? I LOVE bailey...tickling other players, making friends any chance she gets! i'll be curious if at the end of the season she's still glad she picked soccer isntead of dance! i can't believe rebekah loves being goalie - i think that is SO much pressure!! and joshua - just looks too grown up for me. good grief. tell him to stop it! :)

jenn said...

so cute! man, and i thought i was a soccer mom!! you take the cake! :)

Beckysblog said...

oh my. Bailey you are too fun!