Wednesday, September 8, 2010

second morning

MUCH easier.
NO tears.
my heart is missing pieces...but it's ok and sure that those pieces are in good hands.

also helps that i got so much encouragement yesterday {THANKS!}, that each of the kids had a GREAT day yesterday, we got a good night's sleep, i went for a walk and caught up with a good friend this morning, the weather is GORGEOUS and my mom is coming over in a little bit! :-)

we WILL get in a new groove.
right now everything just feels "off" and i'm trying to just go with it.
but i don't "go with it" that well {i'm learning, though...and that's a good thing!}


jenn said...

so glad today was better :) i'm sure each day will get easier...major changes going on over there!! love you and thought of you kissing 3 of yours goodbye yesterday when i could barely hold it together kissing ONE goodbye this morning! XOXO

Tammy said...

change is always hard. i don't do it well. hope you get into a new routine soon.