Monday, September 6, 2010

**rewind - wednesday

we kinda knew by this point that a hurricane was going to effect the next couple days...but at this point we still thought it was just going to mean a rainy day for us.

we weren't concerned and headed to the beach for a GREAT day!

digging the trench...again...

brian and caroline

the beach felt more crowded than it ever has...

i love joshua cheering in the background :-)

sweet baby ryan in his crib by the ocean

cleaning off...

i mean...possibly my favorite picture from the whole week...SWEETNESS!

these 2...NEVER apart!

most nights we fed the kids dinner around 6 pm...then got them to bed and then the adults sat down and ate around 8 pm...we'd sit there for 2-3 hours just talking and laughing and sharing. it was SO nice.

i laughed a LOT during the first few days of this week.
felt so good! {and, see? wed nite and we're still just laughing at silly things on the computer...not even thinking hurricane earl was going to kick us out!}

i was finally starting to feel relaxed and able to forget out all that was going on back at home...

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Katy said...

i LOVE your new bathing suit - it's SO cute!!! and owen and joshua are just the cutest! i hope when they are little old men that they still are best of friendS! :)