Sunday, September 5, 2010

happy 5th birthday, bailey!

{these pictures were from earlier in the summer...remember when i took each kid to the beach one at a time??}

your birth was so easy.
and i don't think i've used that word {easy} with you since :-)

but you are SUCH a joy.
joy just seeps out of you.
you can't help it.

you take my breath away.
and give me headaches with how MUCH you require of me.

i can't wait to see how you like school.
i'm really not sure how it will be for you.
you are very independent...but when you are in your "space."
you are very dependent on me and don't like being away from me.
i'm not sure how those 2 things are going to go together as you head off for school.

i do know that school doesn't know what's about to hit them!

this is your "concentrating and listening" face...i kinda wish you'd do it more often...

you have a strength that comes from DEEP within you.
i love that about you.
it will take you far in life!

and you are so FUN!

my days are certainly brighter because you are in them, my bailey.

i am going to miss you like crazy when you are at school.
but i can't WAIT for your one of your great hugs {you wrap yourself all around me and melt into me like nothing i've ever known} when you get home!

happy 5th birthday!!!
i love you so much!


Heather said...

Happy 5th bithday sweet Bailey! I cannot believe you are starting school in a couple days. You have grown into such an adorable and fun spirited little girl. Love, Heather

Jenn said...

happy birthday, bailey!! we love you and hope you have a GREAT first year of SCHOOL! WOW!!! xoxo

Beckysblog said...

Happy birthday sweet girl!

Amazing pictures!

Michelle said...

AAAWWWW, happy birthday Bailey you are such a cutie.

Katy said...

her pictures always SO perfectly capture HER!! oh bailey - i hope you are having a fabulously GIRLY birthday today!!! here we are again - on labor day weekend - celebrating your birthday!! :) i know your mom was glad to have an easy labor with you at least on labor day!!! you are such a sparkly little girl - your heart and personality is going to be used of God for MIGHTY things!!! i hope your teachers LOVE your zest for life!! Happy birthday!!! We love you!

Amy said...

These pictures are SO SWEET, Courtney!! I may have to steal your idea for individual photo shoots. :)

Ali said...

I SO wish we were with you today at the beach celebrating. I hope it was a great day. Happy Birthday Bailey. We love you!!!!!!!!!!!