Thursday, August 26, 2010

switching gears

this week has been SO great and SO hard at the same time.

we've been in a little cocoon here at our house.
i haven't cleaned or done chores.
we haven't had ANYWHERE that we HAD to be!
i haven't run ONE errand or spent $1.
i got up extra early every morning and spent time with Him.
we've played...gone for walks...and had the time to stop at playgrounds.
i looked in their eyes and we talked.
i {mostly} did email/projects/planning during rest time and at night.
we started a BIG puzzle.
i let them make messes and tea parties and not clean it up {for a few hours}.

it's been so great here in our house.
good stuff.
and the peace in our home is evidence of this...

there's been some external "stuff" that's been hard and isn't really "bloggable"...but i think i've done a decent job of not letting it effect our days.

i've been beyond exhausted at the end of every day.
like can hardly see straight.
but it's that good kind of tired.
that's a result of giving everyone all i have and trusting Him to get me through.

but now i need to switch gears.
we are leaving on sunday.
school starts RIGHT when we get back.
both girls birthdays are in the next week...

lots of details/planning/errands/packing/chores that need to be figured out/completed.
and i need to switch gears and focus on that...

pondering how to make more of our life feel like this week has been...


Katy said...

is this coming week when you go to the beach with your friends? i know that "beyond exhausted" feeling - but i'm glad it was a good tired. i know your kids have LOVED these last several days - it will give them a great start to the year!!!

Judi said...

Courtney, I've loved reading your blog these last couple of days. You are really learning to lean and trust in God. What you're doing has to be purposeful, deliberate, intentional etc. God is going to bless you, Pat and the kiddos for this. After all, our job as parents after God and our spouses is to raise Godly children. This is what you are doing. I am committing to praying for your family and the 2 little boys to come on a daily basis in the coming year. What you are doing right now is how I love to live. Everything is unimportant compared to FAMILY!

Tammy said...

i love days when i don't spend any money b/c i feel like i spend so much money on life. praying that you have a relaxing time at the beach and come back refreshed and ready for life.