Thursday, August 12, 2010


i ate cake batter for lunch and dinner.
probably not good "before my first triathlon" nutrition, huh?

i am going to throw our computer at the wall.
or the modem.
or router.
or something.
i CAN.NOT tell you the amount of frustration they have caused me lately.
but i NEED the i have to keep going back...stupid technology...

i go back and forth.
one minute my kids are driving me so crazy that i can't WAIT for school.
and the next minute i want cry thinking about them not all 4 being here all day long.
it's been a great summer.
just not the minutes when they fight.

i let them watch a show today (while i was on the phone AGAIN with the internet people) and i literally think it was the first time ALL SUMMER that they've watched a show (besides a couple "special" family movies we've watched together). i was pleasantly surprised!

i don't think i've slept all week.
i'm on the edge of jittery about this triathlon.
i didn't know it was such a big deal?!?
it is.
i just can't wait for it to BE HERE!

i cut everyone's nails this morning.
i was so proud of myself.
til i looked down at my hands this afternoon and realized that i had done ONE of my hands.
and not the other.
i did mine while i was waiting for the next kid to come get in my lap...apparently i forgot to finish :-)


Ali said...

you are going to do awesome and even if you don't do as well as you'd hope, we will all still love you ;)
I am praying for you to feel good. I don't do races, but I've heard enough talk to know those first minutes are important ones. have FUN!
perhaps some fruit, veggies and pasta would help more than cake batter ;)

Kim said...

praying for you - for calm nerves and patience. it is amazing how such a thing like computers and modern technology can cause SO MUCH frustration sometimes huh??!! i have been there too. hang in there. tomorrow is friday and the next day is race day!! love you.

Michelle said...

Be calm, relax, don't let it all get to you, you will do great tomorrow, you will have fun and no matter what, it doesn't even matter if you finish, but just trying your best is what counts. Praying for peace for you and the strength to endure, and calmness for your family....and the computer guy..LOL.

Beckysblog said...

This post was very entertaining to me. Thank you!

And I'll be praying for your tri. I hope that when it is done you feel so accomplished!

and relieved that it is over!