Monday, August 16, 2010

dinner at the panter's

we ate dinner at the panter's house last night.

only a family of 6 knows what it means to another family of 6 to be invited over for dinner.
it doesn't happen that often :-)

the kids played so well.
the adults enjoyed visiting.
it was just easy and fun!

sometimes, when we are hanging out, i think in my head how i can't believe how this whole "blog friend" thing worked out! i mean, you wouldn't think it ever would. or that it would work well. but, in our case, it does and it has and i'm so very thankful!

as we were leaving/saying goodbye/riding bikes down the hill one more time, bailey turned around and said, "where are my people! where are the four girls??" she had lost sight of them for a split second and just thought she might die! it was SO cute! this picture is PERFECT...shows their personalities and everything!

and the 2 eldest of each family...sweet sweet girls.

we loved it and can't wait til next time!


Holly said...

it was OUR pleasure...really.

Jenn said...

look at all those pretty girlies!! ;)

oh, and a handsome boy too!