Monday, July 19, 2010

sawyer is still turning 2..

grandma and papa came over last night and took sawyer to mcd's for dinner.
and gave him his birthday presents
{his little party the other week WAS like 2 weeks before his birthday and i gave everyone like 2 minutes notice...}

it was cute to watch him be the center of attention.

and the ride-on tractor that was in this big red bag was a BIG hit!!!
bailey says she's asking for one for her birthday (because she keeps trying to take it from sawyers...)


Christy said...

OHHHHH Happy Birthday dear Sawyer!!! you are CUTER THAN EVER!!!!!!!!

I LOVE LOVE the swim meet pics too!!! Ohhhh so much fun and brings back so many memories!!!!

(just a little more than a WEEK NOW!!!!!!!)

Courtney said...

you'll be seeing pictures of Berkley in that same outfit very soon! what a fun birthday for sawyer!

Katy said...

i totally love that picture of sawyer and your parents - the black and white one is sooo great! i can NOT believe he is turning 2 already - how is that possible???