Monday, July 19, 2010

monday - a good day

it was a good day.
a really good day.
nothing specific.
just good.
you know??

i ran with my running group this morning!!!
for the first time since my injury!
it was so nice to be back...and i'm not as slow and "dying" as i thought.

this is our last week of swim team practice from 8-8:45 am every morning.
since they won't be at the meet this saturday they don't really have to go...but it's such good exercise for them AND they love it.
so we are going.
i did jump rope and crunches and situps on the basketball court next to the pool this morning during practice.
sawyer wandered around picking up leaves and stuff.
bailey brought her backpack and colored pictures on post-it's and decorated the basketball pole.

we had dentist appts this morning.
bailey had a birthday party.
we went to a thrift store, craft store (for FUN orders!!!)
and the library.
and i wonder why i only got 1 bathroom cleaned and 2 loads of laundry done
{monday is supposed to be clean the house day...}

i had to wake ALL 4 kids up from their naps today!
the older 2 normally don't even sleep!
when i woke sawyer up, we cuddled on the rocking chair in his room.
i breathed in his sweet smell...of sweat and soft skin...mmmm...LOVE it!

pat and i are SO good.
just ON.
it's been a prayer of mine for weeks.
we've been fine.
but not great.
not arguing but not connected.
you know what i mean.
i hate that...the "not connected" feeling.
but you can't force it.
so i just prayed and prayed.
and knew the time being "not connected" would make me appreciate the "connected" days that much more.
and i do.
they are GREAT!

we had a perfect afternoon thunderstorm come out of nowhere this afternoon!
it was so fun to watch!

on my third try, i made a case to fit my {kinda} new videocamera so it didn't get scratched in my purse.
we needed one for Africa...the one we had was from when i was pregnant with joshua and has like tapes or something. i never used it.
LOVE our new one!
it's waterproof!
and SO easy to work/upload/etc.

rebekah and i had some communication problems today.
she kept saying things like...we'd be driving in the car and she'd say:
"is George Mason on the top?"

meanwhile it had been quiet for at least 30 seconds and my brain is all OVER the place!

i'm all:
"what? on top of where?"

and she gets all frustrated and says:
"on the top of that license plate!"

of course.

the last time was right before she went to bed.
i was in the basement doing yoga.
pat was putting them to bed.
i was in a backbend {could barely breathe...much less talk...}
and she comes flying down the stairs and says:

"where's the purple one?!?"

what purple one?
purple crayon? paper? cup? WHAT?!?

"my purple toothbrush! where did you put it?!?"

{they got new toothbrushes at the i threw the old ones away. i guess she was attached to it.}

hopefully she'll use a few more words tomorrow.
i can NOT have conversations like that.
made me crazy!

i made some new signs for my kitchen.
saw one of them somewhere.
made my own.

i'm in a place right now where i can really hear God talking to me.
not audibly.
but He is whispering {sometimes yelling, but mostly whispering} to me.
over and over.
because it takes that for me to really GET things.

but i love to be in this place where i'm hearing Him.
it's kind of scary.
because the things He says are hard and ask things of me that aren't "comfortable".
yet i know i want it.
i want what HE wants.
because the peace and joy found there don't compare to anything else.

i will share.
once i can put it into words.
right now i just KNOW it's from Him.
but i'm not entirely sure what IT is. sum it up.
a good day.
not clear communication (between me and rebekah OR between me and God)
but still a good day.


Christy said...

LOVE your day----and the picture of the storm---and the sign you made :)

Glennon said...

I love your blog, and you. I hear so much peace in your writing voice, I think maybe it's the backbends. I'm gonna try some today.
LOVE you your beautiful family.