Friday, July 23, 2010

the kids are gone

and i miss them, dearly, really i do...but i also have a BIG smile on my face :-)

pat's parents have the kids for the weekend.
pat and i are "away" (but at home).
i have a few hours to myself before pat gets home from work.

so far i've...

gone grocery shopping.

lame, i know.

but it sure was nice all by myself!

it'll get to do some triathlon training in the 100 degree weather!
i'll be careful...and i'm going to spend the 20 (or so) miles on my bike deciding WHAT i will eat for lunch! this is FUN!

looking forward to a weekend with my favorite guy!


Tisha said...

How nice is that?! Enjoy!

Michelle said...

You will have a great weekend alone, enjoy...DON'T DO ANY HOUSE CHORES!! LOL.

Beckysblog said...

wow! sounds so fun!!!! enjoy!

Jenn said...

have a great weekend!! :)

beckley said...


Katy said...

that's AWESOME!!!