Monday, July 5, 2010

the 4th of July

we went to DC with my family and the Panter's

it was so so fun.
i did this with my family for YEARS when i was younger...and haven't done it since we had kids!

it was so special for me to be there.
LOTS of special family and friends (and i didn't go a good job of taking pictures of the whole i'm stealing one of holly's pictures...and you should go look at holly's blog and my mom's - i'm sure they will have LOTS of other great ones!)

my brother and his wife's side of the family were all there...AND lots of friend's of my parents! and i have NO pictures of them...

bailey was SO happy to be with her "four girls!"

they were the CUTEST together (and we discovered they are literally 6 days apart in age :-))

playing football with papa

i love him

we had such a great spot!

jake, pat and {some of} their girls!

my dad and pat

the fireworks were amazing...but over way too quick!

sawyer wasn't so sure...but was fine in papa's lap :-)

it was a GREAT glad we did it!

thanks, mom and dad, for making it all happen!!!


Holly said...

you got some great shots courtney!!!!

Heather said...

that's awesome...where was that location? looks so nice and NOT crowded!

Tisha said...

You guys have the best story of blog friends turned real life friends!! How cool is that!? You did get some great shots.

Alden and Dorian said...

It was SO GREAT having you all there this year!!!! I love your pictures & editing and creativity with photos!!!!!

Laura said...

A Dallas Cowboys Sun Visor, now that is what I call truly American attire!! We are HUGE Cowboys fans, too!!

Michelle said...

so cool, where were you all seated, Arlington?