Wednesday, April 21, 2010

this is me

it's april 2010.
i am deeply in love with my husband.
i have 4 kids; ages 8, 6, 4 and 21 months and we are halfway (?) through the process to bring home 2 boys from Rwanda.

my days are full.
full of blessings.
full of tasks.

my head is full.
full of dreams.
full of thoughts.

my heart is full.
full of heaviness.
full of love.

this is what i look like:
if i could choose what to do/wear, this is what it would be...
my jeans that are 1 size too big and make me feel *skinny* even if i'm not,
an old soft tshirt (that i think i've had since college),
a hooded zip-up jacket,
hair straight from the shower (i HATE drying and straightening my hair...i would MUCH rather be playing with my kids or checking something off a list or taking a nap :-)),
i wear the same earrings every single day - lately it's these that my sister brought me back from Morocco!!!
on my feet - flip-flops. my rainbow ones.
my watch - i LOVE it (it's a "Swiss Army" watch - was a birthday present - i love it because it's completely waterproof so i can wear it all summer in and out of the pool!)
make-up - not a ton, but i always have eyeliner and mascara on
my necklace - has all my kids names on it
and a smile - makes everything a little bit better, right??

and the kids??
sawyer is in sweats (Cowboys sweats! :-))
bailey and joshua got to pick out their clothes. they don't match. i don't care. they are at least appropriate lengths for the weather (cold and rainy today).
bailey's braids were put in yesterday morning by her the lady in the kids room at the gym. i haven't touched it since then.

and...ALWAYS a hair elastic around my wrist.
because my hair WILL end up in a ponytail.
always does.
every day.

this is me.


Amy said...

you are totally skinny.
and cute.
and I would hug you if you didn't live clear across the United States. :)

Christy said...

I loved that!!!!
Such a great glimpse into your heart and life and, just YOU!!!

Miss you!! :)

Jenn said...

love this!
i am going to have to copy it one of these days :)
love ya!

Kim said...

you are gorgeous! and i am with you on the drying/straightening the hair! i hate that!! loved the pics

Tammy said...

and i love you....every part of you!

Tisha said...

Fun! I like that.

Katy said...

love that - what a fun idea!!! :)

anthonyandbeth said...

fun to see you and the way you like to be. :) i love that you let your kids not match. i've made peace with that too. i used to care. i'm glad i've moved past that. :)

Alden and Dorian said...

That is a perfect "picture" of you in words and literally. That is who we know and love. I LOVE Courtney ~ just like this. Exactly who God made you ~ to be touching lives every day for Him. I love you! And....Sawyer's smile is so BIG today! Love it.

Janet said...

oh i love this courtney! the image just says 'love' to me!

Hannah said...

love you, courtney:)