Friday, April 2, 2010

the rest of sunday

the rest of the afternoon/evening was wet and cold.

we spent the afternoon in our own cabins...playing games and resting

all our clothes by the fire drying out...

rebekah fell asleep on the couch in front of the fire.
is that peace or what??

the goetz' headed up our way for the late afternoon/dinner.

we played some games and then ate taco's.

then we headed up to the lodge to watch the end of the Duke basketball game.

bridget came up with this scavenger hunt that had things for the kids to ask the adults to do on the slips of paper they found.

she is so creative...challenges me to be more creative and engaging with my kids.

this is noah doing the "running man" - he just takes off RUNNING!

and bridget doing the running man :-)

a race...

me telling some silly story about my childhood

jason letting noah pull his thumb off

we headed back to our cabins for bedtime.
for the can see the kids wet hair - this was the one and only shower they got while we were there.
needless to say, the bathwater in their bath once we got home was DIRTY!

once the kids were in bed each night, we got together with bridget and jason and talked or played games and ate ice cream :-)

such sweet fellowship...all day long!


Brennan Blog said...

HI! I read you blog through Judy Chattertons and I was visiting it today and recognized our family's favorite vacation spot---Blackwater lodge, WVa! We were there after Christmas....visit my blog and you can see the beauty of the place in the snow! Take care!
Wendy Brennan

Julie said...

Do tell more about this scavenger hunt :) Curious... and love the tooth paste idea, I will have to use that on the kids...thanks for the idea ... trying to catch up on your blog :)

Julie said...
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