Sunday, April 18, 2010

my first all-nighter

alternate titles:

"i'm sorry, mom and dad."

"how to not eat the rest of the cake."

"guaranteed to happen if you buy new carpet."

"how to not focus on adoption paperwork."

"why it took me 2 days to get around to blogging about our trip."

as we were still sitting and visiting with my parents as 10:30 pm last night, we heard "the noise."
that one that means you have a lot of laundry ahead of you.
bailey was sick.

my parents left quickly.
pat "doesn't do" throw up.
he encourages me from afar :-)

bailey got sick every 30 minutes for 12 hours...most of the time she made it to the bathroom.
but it was my first all-nighter!
i could never do it in college...i would try and then go to bed at 3 am or something.
i didn't have a choice this time.

and then i went to church to work in the nursery
(i took a shower and didn't touch bailey at all so i wouldn't have her germs on me!)

we both took really long naps this afternoon.
and she has finally stopped getting sick as often.

pray for all the people we saw on friday...i hope she picked this virus up at one of the sports games yesterday..and wasn't contagious on friday! i will feel so awful if we spread it...

and pray for my bailey was SO in their face last night, "loving" them :-)

and pray for the rest of us...that we could stay healthy...and for the grace and strength to handle it all.

and for bailey...her little body is so sad...(yet she still has a smile on her face!)
she is one tough little girl...


Christy said...

OHhhhh Courtney, I'm so sorry!!!...for BOTH of you. Wow, that is the WORST, and yes I can't even fathom a true all nighter at this point in are such a sweet mama...

And loved the pictures and stories from your Richmond adventure---especially the ones with the new lil Fogarty!!! He is precious!!!!
Miss YOU...
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Tammy said...

how sad for both of you. i hope everyone stays healthy. how miserable...what a sweet little girl

beckley said...

she is one tough little girl.

like her mama.

so sorry. ugh.

Katy said...

well, i guess if she was going to get it, it was better today instead of the car...or at the capitol building or something right? what is the deal with your girls and throwing up? hope she is as good as new tomorrow!!! keep lysol-ing!

Julie said...

I am soooo sorry, I hate that, that is so NOT fun. Seriously, not fun. I love that she smiled, what a sweet girl. Glad you got a long nap. HUGS and praying no one else gets it. NO FUN

Ali said...

So sorry she got so sick. Why does it always seem to hit worse at night? So far we are well :) Hope none of your other kids get it.

Holly said...


T-Luh said...

oh no! I am SO sorry to hear this and completely sympathize. Hope everyone is well SOON! Hugs to you all!

Beckysblog said...

poor poor baby!