Thursday, February 25, 2010

i quit

i could feel a cold coming on yesterday as the day wore on...the boys shared it with me, i guess.
and pat was going to be later than usual last night.

so, in an attempt to get through the afternoon/evening with everyone smiling, i came up with a plan...
{don't worry...this turns out NOTHING like yesterday's plan :-)}

we walked to the grocery store.
the kids got to pick out dinner...the only rule was no candy.
then we had a picnic dinner watching the olympics that we had taped from the night before.

they picked chicken nuggets and french fries {kinda thought they'd pick something else...but fine with me.}
i think this is the only moment he sat.
most of the time i was managing him not stepping on everyone else's plate.

this is what i got for dinner...yum.
{i shared a little bit with bailey...she loves quacamole...isn't that funny??}

they were in 7:30. and i was on the couch...D.O.N.E. at 7:31 pm.
and proceeded to work my way through an entire box of kleenex over the next couple hours.

thankfully, i slept fine.
but, stupidly, i got up and ran this morning...somehow made it through.

all we have today is ballet {and school for R and J and a playdate after school for's funny how that used to seem like a lot and now it seems like an "easy" day}
i was looking forward to trying to lay low and rest {i know, i know...yea right!}

until bailey walks up to me a couple minutes ago and says, " you see something in my ear?"
"well, this part is in my ear."

headed to the dr...again...

i quit.

{jb-don't even think it...i'll be there tonight no matter what!!! i can't WAIT!!!!}


Katy said...

are you kidding? that part is in her ear? oh my word. hopefully it will be QUICK - good grief. and i LOVE the picnic in front of the olympics - sounds perfect to me! take some medicine and maybe you can lay down for a bit this afternoon!! hang in there!

Beckysblog said...

oh for crying out loud!!!!

Hope you feel better soon.

Holly said...

I always wonder about those pieces!!!!!!

I ran with a cold this morning too - hacking my way through it ;-)
I got some NASTY stares from other people there - oops.

Ali said...

Oh good grief! Mom's can't quit, don't you know? I think we should trade for a couple of days so you can rest! I hope your cold doesn't get much worse.
Mason is asleep in my bed with a fever (11a.m.). Not sure what is going on. SAD!

Christy said...

Ok, I'm reading your posts backwards so thank goodness I already know that somehow it is no longer in her ear----good grief sweet girl!! So sorry--you need some REST :)

Jenn said...

um. what is that thing???

and i cannot WAIT to see you!! but seriously - if you need to go to bed early, it's ok!!

ps. ZICAM! seriously. it works.

Tisha said...

Oh dear...just when you think you're at your limit...something else to take care of. Rest up if you can!! Right there with you - at my limit - sick - and there's always more to do. So Sorry!!

Staci said...

OH MY GOSH. that little piece...
doesn't this stuff make us crazy??

you're awesome.