Monday, February 8, 2010

another snow day!

ran 5 miles around a shopping center parking lot.
then went to the gym and swam..with NO kids because pat is home!
{his company follows the federal govt...and the fed govt is closed today! yay!!!}
stopped at a couple places on the way home to look for a shovel.
ours broke yesterday.
no luck.

then we went to come.

i brought home a pizza from sam's for lunch.
it's amazing how little it takes to get these guys super excited {including pat!}

the sun is out.
there's no more shoveling to do {at least for the next 24 hours...they are calling for more snow tomorrow night!}

it's just a good day.
and i'm loving it.


Beckysblog said...

SO fun that Pat gets to be home!
Enjoy your time 'locked up'!!

beckley said...

that sounds fabulous!

enjoy :)

Jenn said...

so jealous that pat got the day off today! davey had to go in :(

enjoy this shovel-free fun snow day!!